HIMSS Saudi 2018 Conference

Blockchain Deep Dive

9 October 13:00 - 17:00

Speaker: Maria Marenco, PR & Comms, HIMSS EMEA

We've all heard of blockchain and the impact it may have on health systems in the future. But how many of us could easily explain what blockchain is really about? Featuring a deep dive into the key concepts behind the technology, and including hands-on demonstrations, practical applications and case studies in healthcare, this session is for the 99,99% of us who still don't understand, after many explanations, what the buzz is all about. The idea is simple: if you get a chance to play with the pieces of the blockchain puzzle, you will never forget what the underlying technology is about and why so many leaders are placing great hopes in the approach. As the workshop will use a ‘learning by doing’ approach, don't forget to bring your laptop!