HIMSS Saudi 2018 Conference
Date: 7 October 2018
Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Presenter: Sam King, FHFMA, FHIMSS


The CPHIMS credential will help your career by:

Demonstrating you meet an international standard of professional knowledge and competence in healthcare     information and management systems
Increasing your credibility with your employer
Showcasing your commitment to continuing professional development
Enabling you to enjoy a sense of personal and professional achievement


  The CPHIMS Review Course is an excellent source of a health IT body of knowledge that spans three broad
  knowledge categories involving a total of nine topic areas:
  • General Environmental Knowledge (Healthcare Environment and Technology Environment; 
  • Systems Knowledge (Analysis, Design, Selection, Implementation, 
  • Support and Maintenance,
  • Testing and Evaluation,
  • Privacy and Security; and Administrative Knowledge (Leadership and Management). 
  This Review Course will provide a highly interactive and fast-paced detailed overview of these competency areas by
  supplementing tools and resources from a variety of sources to aid knowledge transfer.


At the completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

Describe the various components of the CPHIMS Body of
Articulate the opportunities and challenges in the healthcare
    environment, while addressing the technological components 
    needed to deliver patient care.
Describe the components of the implementation development life
     cycle in a healthcare setting by identifying those concepts
     required from initial inception of an idea through implementation.
► Discuss the components required to support and maintain those
     who use software applications in a healthcare setting.
Discuss the current state of privacy and security challenges and
     opportunities in healthcare today.
Describe the importance of the many administrative aspects of
     health IT from the perspective of protecting health information to
     ensuring that the leadership and management functions of the
     healthcare setting are identified and understood.
Implement studying and test taking skills and tips that may be
     utilized to further prepare the student for taking the exam.
  Conducted by a CPHIMS certified trainer, the CPHIMS review course comes together with the CPHIME review guide, 3rd Edition to prepare candidates for attaining this prestigious credentials. Course modules include:

Module 1: The Healthcare Environment
Module 2: The Technology Environment
 Module 3: Systems Analysis
 Module 4: Systems Design
Module 5: Systems Selection,
                     Implementation,  Support,
                     and Maintenance
 Module 6: Systems Testing and Evaluation
 Module 7: Systems Privacy and Security
 Module 8: Administration Leadership
 Module 9: Administration Management